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Conscious consumption: with respect to the planet, with love for style!
RigRaiser is a new eco-friendly brand whose unique idea is to resurrect used items through projects by contemporary artists. RIG-from English (slang) clothing, appearance. RAISER-from the English "raise" - to resurrect.
The project involves contemporary artists, each of whom has their own special view on art and fashion, so each item not only has a unique history, but also becomes a part of modern culture!
All items created in the project are modified or combined from high-quality, minimally used clothing, which allows you to create a unique fashion product while preserving natural resources.
Created in 2019. Russia. Moscow.
Secondary use / colorful world
About the brand: RCR KHOMENKO (R. Khomenko)
Ironic, sustainable Ukrainian clothing brand. Inspired by second hand clothes and children's stories. Production of fun, wearable collections with original, playful prints combined with a stylish environmental Manifesto - " today is the time of Revolution in fashion, in the human consciousness and social responsibility."
Created in 2011. Ukraine.
Oversized studio
    Upcycle Studio
    About the brand: The brand was created in the autumn of 2018 and is engaged in remaking vintage men's clothing into women's.
    We are for nature, but also for fashion, so we want to make it more environmentally friendly and do not use new materials in production.
    The main concept of the products is oversized, trouser suits and structured jackets. We also have our own production, which is located directly in the show room and each product is handmade, from concept to implementation.
    Created in 2018. Ukraine, Kiev..
    happy clothes made happy hands
    About the brand: a young brand that creates clothes from clothes. Only clothes made from natural fabrics, cotton, jeans, wool is recycled.
    Created in 2019. Russia, Moscow..
    Jeans Revision
    Russia's first eco-friendly brand of things made from recycled denim.

    "We take jeans with small defects from charity shops, wash them, pare them, steam them. After-we sew new cool bags, backpacks and other strong, long-lasting accessories from the received fabric.
    In addition to denim, we recycle cuts of premium leather, which we also use in our products."
    Created in 2016. Russia. Saint-Petersburg.

    Designer jewelry from Alina Belousova
    About the brand: is an upcycling project by Alina Belousova, an artist from Saratov, who creates designer souvenirs, accessories and jewelry, as well as paintings and art objects from outdated high-tech materials: fragments of printed circuit boards, microcircuits, and even radio components. The brand was made in 2010, and the works were presented in many exhibitions in museums and galleries, as well as in such projects as the First Russian Ecomode Week, the Maker Faire Moscow festivals and the "Apsikle Fest", the SAM FAIR contemporary art fair. The leitmotifs of Digitalina's work - ecology, evolution, technology, the ambiguous nature of progress and attempts to find a connection and harmony between the living and the artificial, the past and the future, and, of course, the form and content.
    Created in 2010. Russia, Saratov.
    Ecoelya Studio
    Upcycle project
    About the brand: A local experimental project for processing textile waste into new stylish and practical products.
    Created in 2018. Russia, Vyazma, Smol.obl.
    We are KOTOMA – the linen brand glorifying flax as the basis of a conscious lifestyle and consumption.
    We dream of a future in which everyone will consciously relate to their own choices and life history of things. We create small and large linen accesoires in which we put the spirit of our studies of Russian culture and nature with love and respect to people and Planet.
    It is created in Kostroma
    The creation of jewelry and interior items from fragments of broken ceramics
    Any products - from the simplest, most concise decorations, to complex large-scale interior elements are created exclusively from accidentally broken dishes, which are passed on to us by people who are not indifferent to the fate of beautiful things. Porcelain, earthenware, hand-made clay dishes, simple modern, antique and even vintage dishes seem to me to be very energetically rich, interesting and noble materials for work.
    Created in 2015. Moscow
    Upcycle project
    Under the sensitive leadership of a creative designer, it has been developing in Berlin since 2016
    Green Glass
    Bottle Glass Products
    Green Glass Studio creates interior decor and art installations from recycled glass bottles. Startup takes material from bars and restaurants in Saint Petersburg. Product line includes home-made kits, mosaic murals, serving dishes and other products. Studio takes individual orders on items from recycled glass.The most striking works from the portfolio: a 2-meter installation of Planet Earth for the international festival and awards for the finalists of White Night Startup 2019.
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